Douglas Fir/Douglas-Fir

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Evergreen: Fir

Height: 50′ Width: 16-20′
Sun: Full Sun Zone: 3

Tall, pyramidal, dense evergreen with blue-green, soft, flat needles. Distinct, drooping female cones with 3-pronged bracts protruding between the scales. Thick bark turns a reddish-brown colour with maturity. Requires a sheltered spot: does not do well in dry, windy areas. Not considered a true fir, although its related and resembles true firs; it is a distinct species named after its discoverer Archibald Menzies and botanist David Douglas. Pseudotsuga means ‘false hemlock’. Good specimen plant for large areas. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Fertilize in spring with a good compost or all purpose fertilizer before new growth emerges. Requires little to no pruning, if desired, can be pruned late winter/early spring before new growth emerges. Dead or broken branches can be removed as needed.

Available in select potted sizes.