Blue Star Juniper

Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’

Evergreen: Juniper (Spreading)

Height: 1.5-2′ Width: 2.5-3′
Sun: Full to Part Sun Zone: 3

Bright silvery-blue, star-shaped, needle-like evergreen foliage on a compact, mounded form. Slow-growing, colour contrast plant that is great as an accent plant in a rock garden or border. Needs a sheltered location and does best with good snowcover in winter. Prefers moist, well-drained soil and is drought tolerant once established; does not tolerate standing water. Water regularly while establishing because they have a shallow root system. Benefits from extra water in fall to reduce damage from winter drying. Fertilize in spring with a good compost or all purpose fertilizer before new growth emerges. Little pruning needed: new growth can be tipped back lightly while actively growing in late spring/early summer to encourage more dense, tidy growth: do not to cut too far back into woody undergrowth (past where there is no green growth) as foliage will not regrow there. To correct shape, prune side branches in late winter/early spring before new growth emerges. Severe pruning is not recommended; dead branches can be pruned anytime.

Available in select potted sizes.