Brandon Elm

Ulmus americana ‘Brandon’

Tree: Elm

Height: 50-60′ Width: 30-33′
Sun: Full Sun Zone: 3

Fast-growing, vase-shaped, long lived and hardy tree. More compact selection of American Elm with great prairie hardiness. Dark-green, saw-toothed foliage turns yellow-golden in fall. Excellent shade or privacy tree for large areas and makes a good boulevard tree. Very adaptable and tolerant of most urban pollution, and once established, dry conditions and some standing water. Fertilize in spring with a good compost or all purpose fertilizer before new growth emerges. To prevent Dutch Elm disease, pruning Elm, including dead or dying branches, is prohibited from April 1 to September 30 (peak beetle activity occurs at this time) and should be done late winter/early spring.

Available in select potted and caliper sizes.