Minnesota Grape

Vitis ‘Minnesota’

Fruit: Grape

Height: 12-14′ Width: 6-8′
Sun: Full Sun Zone: 3

Fast growing, very hard grape plant. Tall, climbing habit with lobed, green foliage that turns yellow in fall. Small flowers followed by compact clusters of medium to large sized, dark-purple fruit with a sweet taste and juicy texture; seeded. Heavy producer: great for fresh eating, juicing, jam, and wine. Ripens in early September. Requires a support structure. Plant in a wind-sheltered, sunny, southern location. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Fertilize with a good compost or all purpose fertilizer in spring before new growth emerges. In fall, prune back most of the plant to ensure good production, leaving at least 8 buds; remove the vines that remain standing from the trellis and lie them on the ground for snow cover (or provide a cover) and good winter protection. Pruning back 70-90% of plant in late winter/early spring, before new growth, emerges is also acceptable as grapes produce fruit on new wood and any winter damage can then be pruned away.

Self-pollinating but produces better with another grape cultivar planted close by.

Available in select potted sizes.