Northsky Blueberry

Vaccinium ‘Northsky’

Fruit: Blueberry

Height: 1-2′ Width: 1-2′
Sun: Full to Parta Sun Zone: 3

Very small, bushy shrub that is one of the hardiest blueberry cultivars; produces fruit that is high in antioxidants. Small, bell-shaped, white spring blooms and blue-green foliage that turns bright red in fall. Produces small size, sky-blue berries that have a sweet taste. Fruit is good for fresh eating, baking and cooking. Ripens in mid-summer. Plant in a sheltered area: great for small areas. Blueberries prefer moist, rich, peaty, acidic soil (low pH, 5.5 and lower for blueberries). Soil on the prairies is usually alkaline (higher pH) so make sure to plant in soil that has a mix of organic matter/soil and peat moss and add aluminum sulfate or ammonium sulfate to further lower soil pH. Mulch generously around roots in fall to provide winter protection. Can also be planted in containers where the soil can easily be manipulated. Fertilize in spring with a good quality compost before new growth emerges. Little pruning is needed; if necessary prune back in late winter/early spring to encourage new growth, dead or broken branches can be removed anytime.

Self-pollinating but planting another variety close by increases fruit production and size of fruit.

Available in select potted sizes.