Red River Raspberry

Rubus idaeus ‘Red River’

Fruit: Raspberry

Height: 3′ Width: 3′
Sun: Full Sun Zone: 3

Upright, fast-growing, small, hardy shrub that produces very nutritious fruit. Prickly, woody stems and fuzzy, oval foliage with small, white spring blooms. Bright red, medium sized berries that have a sweet-tangy taste and juicy texture. Fruit is excellent for fresh eating, freezing, baking, cooking, and jam. Fall bearing: ripens mid August to late September. Suckering habit; space 3′ apart when planting several plants. Prefers rich, moist, well-drained soil. Fertilize in spring with a good compost or an all-purpose fertilizer before new growth emerges. This variety is ‘primocane’ meaning it produces fruit on one year wood: every spring while shrub is still dormant, cut back entire plant to ensure fruit production for that season.


Available in select bareroot and potted sizes.